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All About Fur Coats and How They Help You Look Your Best

Fur coats have always been a part of human culture. Not only from a fashion perspective but also from a survival perspective. Since the beginning of time, humans have used animal skins and pelts for much needed garments and coverings to protect them from the elements. They have been, are and will be in use as long as people and animals walk the earth. There are simply no comparisons to real fur for function and fashion. Real fur is wonderful to touch, biodegradable, doesn't harm the planet in it's making, keeps you warmer than any other materials and makes you look super sexy.

Scientist have tried and tried to replicate the luxurious and supple elements of furs and leathers. They have come close but unfortunately it's been to the detriment of the planet since the fibers are petroleum based. Oil excavation has done more damage to our planet and cost more lives than the fur industry has since it's inception. When it comes to faux, people have not been informed. A few celebrities in their attempts to appear intelligent and caring, have jumped on band wagons to put down the fur industry. Unfortunately their ignorance has led them to wear faux fur which is made from petroleum. As most intelligent people know these "faux fur" garments are fueling the demand for fossil fuels. This is a demand which has been at the root of many wars and natural disasters. Since faux fur isn't bio-degradable, it will eventually end up in the numerous landfills that are afflicting the planet. Real fur on the other hand, will last for generations if cared for properly. Many fur coats become family heirlooms. However, if for some odd reason a fur coat was thrown away it's completely biodegradable. No harm is done to the planet in it's making or elimination.

In addition to being warm and eco-friendly, fur coats help everyone to look their best. Fur coats come in so many colors, textures and styles that it's easy to find one that compliments your skin tone, hair color and body shape. Plus size ladies and men love how forgiving fur coats are to their larger size frames. This is why most fur companies have a vast assortment of sizes for the extremely petite to the fullest sizes. Famous name fashion designers are incorporating fur into their fashion lines at an astounding rate due to its' luxurious beauty and the publics high demand for it. There are warm colored furs that blend well with warm skin tones. Warm skin tones usually have more of a yellow than pink cast to them. There are many cool colored furs that blend well with cool skin tones. Cool skin tones have more of a pink than yellow cast. One beautiful look is to get a fur in a contrasting color to your hair color. For example a light brown, red, blonde or white haired person may go for a chocolate brown to black fur for the contrast. Likewise a brunette or raven haired person may prefer a white, beige, blonde or whiskey shade for their fur coat. Another nice look is to get a fur in a similar shade as your own hair color. This makes for an interesting monochromatic and fluid appearance.

As the economic recession wanes it is comforting to be wrapped in sumptuous fur. Coming out of such a financial frenzy, it feels soothing to be cuddled up in your relaxing real fur coat just like a baby wrapped in a blanket in a mother's arms. Suddenly all is right with the world.

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Fur Accessories: Integral Part of Your Wardrobe

Fur coats and accessories have been an integral part of the world of fashion for a long time now. In every society, people from time to time have been experimenting with fashion related to their clothing, foot wear, accessories, etc. But, undoubtedly fur accessories and clothing have always been regarded as trend setters / front runners among the various genres and types of fashions followed across the globe.

It has long been said that you can infer a lot of things about a man from his shoes. Similarly is the case with the men / women\'s fur coats, as their choice of fur coats reflect their sense of style and is also a strong indicator of their attitude, nature, altering moods and the type of current lifestyle they follow. Obviously, these fur coats come in many different styles, ranging from simple designs to ones with ultra modern designs allowing you to make a selection according to your personality. Then of course, there are different categories of the fur coat owners.

There are individuals who never venture beyond the front door without having matched their shoes with their fur accessories. Then there are the types that have to have every color of a certain style. These owners do not just buy one, but rather if they see one they like they will buy it and one of every other color it comes in. These owners tend to have so many that they can\'t possibly use the same fur coat or accessory more than once. The most interesting feature is that a large section of the owners of such beautiful fur accessories are from the various sections of the society today, which is in sharp contrast to the past when such luxurious fur coats were exclusively donned by the upper section of the society.

One very important thing to bear in mind before purchasing a real fur accessory is to check the authenticity of the product. So, wherever you go, it is somehow a matter of concern to find authentic real fur accessories at comparatively reasonable prices. But, fortunately in the recent times, with the invention of the Internet, finding and buying such commodities has become more easy, fast and convenient. It certainly assures both men and women to experience the never before shopping experience and comprehensively make a fashion statement to the whole world.

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